Building A Community With Purpose

Radius CoWork provides an office with ridiculously fast internet, coffee fit for royalty, and an impressive view from Erie’s tallest building. We have all the niceties: free printing, convenient parking, and a café that seems to spontaneously generate baked goods. But those are only the things we share a need for, they aren’t US.

We are a community of startups, freelancers, remote workers, and digital professionals who come together to grow and enjoy our work.

Erie’s Only Coworking Space

Erie is brimming with potential. This is a city where people don’t just work for profit, but for purpose. In order to provide a home for our best and brightest, we set up shop in the heart of Erie’s downtown.

We chose this location because healthy businesses and a bustling downtown go together like coffee and cream (or coffee and cake if you like it black). From the great restaurants and pubs to the business resource providers within walking distance of our doors, we knew we could stimulate new economic growth while strengthening Erie’s foundation if we located our space within the heart of the city.

Lo and behold, we did.

Building Something Great

Our mission is to foster an engaging culture, support organic business growth, and create an environment that ensures the success of our members, both their businesses and their lives.

Freelancers Freelancing

It’s About Connecting People with Opportunity

Join the Circle

Let There Be Light

Tour The Space

Do you feel like connecting with a hard-working, forward thinking, diverse group of professionals while sipping on a hot cup of locally-roasted, freshly-ground coffee? It just so happens we know a place. Reach out to Radius to tour our 5,000 square foot open office space, learn about coworking, and see if we’re a good fit for your goals.

Meet Awesome People

We aren’t trying to sell as many memberships as possible. Our goal is to build a community of kind, compassionate, and dedicated individuals who enjoy what they do. During your tour you’ll meet our owners, community manager, and a few other members. This is where you’ll contribute to some of Erie’s most passionate and talented people.

Work, Together!

Grow Your Business

Connecting with other savvy entrepreneurs, startups, and remote workers is a key element to success, both personally and professionally. Moreover, we advocate for our members. We’ll help you promote your business, bring in new leads, and engage with your social media marketing by liking, retweeting, and sharing your high-quality content.

The Core Values of Coworking

Radius is a hotbed of good ideas and professional connections, but it’s also a place where members actively contribute to the community through a variety of activities. We organize board game nights, volunteer with non-profits, and get swept up in Erie’s arts and cultural scene. To ensure the Erie community continues to flourish, Radius maintains three core values:

Pot Luck Lunches FTW

Build A Community

Coworking is not about a space, it’s about the people in that space. We believe that progress is more easily made when people come together. Radius encourages our members to celebrate each other’s successes, support each other when in need, and build a community in which we flourish.

We Teach Each Other

Be Open Minded

Self-fulfillment is fueled by curiosity. We believe you can learn something from everyone you meet and that thinking differently should spark inspiration, not animosity. Ultimately, kindness, compassion, and communication is what fosters professional and personal growth.

Live What You Love

Love What You Do

Radius is packed with creatives, entrepreneurs, and digital professionals who love what they do. Every project that’s completed in Radius has the potential to promote positive change in our city and beyond. We know success comes in different shapes and sizes, that’s why we celebrate achievement in all its forms.

Pi In the Sky

Look, we know we have big ideas. But without challenging the conventions of our city, progress can’t be made. We’re here to offer an infrastructure that supports the latest and greatest technology, give a  home to digital creatives, and attract and retain talent in our city.

On any given day, we see it: there is enough creative energy in this place to power a city. So, come join us and we’ll build something great together.

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