Lucia Conti is a PR & Marketing professional based in Erie, PA where she works with ErieMultimedia. After years in the TV Network and then media relations industry, managing business units for a large hospital, and moving between the US and Australia, Lucia decided to pour herself into a business where she was in control.

Radius: What brings you to Radius?

Lucia: My husband Greg and I founded ErieMultimedia several years ago. Greg jumped into ErieMultimedia first and nearly a year ago I joined him full-time as well. As we grew and added two more employees, we needed a larger, more professional, and more functional space than our home. Radius has been it.

Radius: What would you say…you do here? What is ErieMultimedia?

ErieMultimedia is a full-service advertising and marketing agency. Our services span video, print, web, media and public relations. We also offer project management, event planning, and business consulting. We’ve been in business for more than 12 years originally opening our doors as a web design firm before branching out.

Radius: So, Greg has an accent and eats a lot of “Vegemite.” What’s with that?

Lucia: Greg is from Australia! When we first got married, I told him if he lost the accent, we were done… And the Vegemite…well, it is an extremely salty Australian sandwich spread that is an acquired taste. Luckily, I don’t have to eat it because it isn’t gluten-free. It may be the only time I think it is better to have Celiac disease!

Radius: How did you meet Greg?

Lucia: My senior year I traveled abroad to Australia. I met Greg the fourth day I was there. I came home to finish my last semester and graduate in May, before moving back to Australia in June. We got married shortly after. We lived in Australia for two and a half years then moved back. While the beaches in Oz are beautiful, I was able to convince Greg that Presque Isle is a safer place to swim; no sharks, stingrays, or box jellyfish. Greg still argues that he would keep those threats for the bears we have here. It’s still an issue we debate today.

The cost of living in the US was attractive to both of us compared to the high costs living in Sydney. That’s what prompted our move. The plan was to move around the country, but we found jobs here in Erie very quickly. We enjoy Erie, and as they say, it is a great place to raise children.

Radius: What were you up to before ErieMultimedia?

Lucia: I was the media relations manager and spokesperson for Hamot for 6 years. Directly before ErieMultimedia I was the Director of Operations for women’s services at UPMC Hamot Women’s hospital. I ran three service lines, which was ultimately like running three separate businesses. One of those business lines didn’t previously exist, so we were starting up in the sense that we had to build our customer base and brand identity from scratch. One of the other service lines was dying and needed a complete overhaul to stay in existence. I am proud to say that I was able to lead my team to become a successful department both financially, and collegially. Before Hamot I was the senior news producer at JET/FOX.


Lucia Conti Erie Multimedia

Summer of 2015 I had the choice to find other employment or put my heart and soul into ErieMultimedia. I decided to jump full time into our own business. That included working with Greg together on a full-time basis, as husband and wife. We enjoy the creative work and enjoy spreading the word about local organizations and helping them to extend their mission. The variety of work we have been able to do over the past year makes it worthwhile. That’s the drive that pushed us forward over the last year.

Radius: What skills do you bring to help clients navigate marketing, PR, and event management?

Lucia: With a background in news, I understand what type of content the newsroom needs. I’ve also built strong relationships with professionals in media. Networks are crucial.

On the project management end of things, to give you an example, I’m currently project managing a fundraising gala event for a local nonprofit organization. This includes working with the Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers to ensure smooth operations, securing sponsors, and promoting the event. We’re able to help clients from start to finish so we can start at the planning stages but also help them execute.

Radius: How is the Erie community changing for businesses in the technology fields?

Lucia: People often work in their own silos, which limits the exchange of new ideas. But that is changing. Radius facilitates that change by providing an ecosystem for smaller businesses to work efficiently and connect with new clients and businesses. Our company has now worked with three web and marketing agencies we would not have worked with if we were not at Radius. We like  to assist companies that need the services we offer. We are hopeful that Erie community leaders will embrace technology companies, especially smaller companies, so that our community can grow and expand from the historical manufacturing and tourism staples.

Radius: Many digital companies in Erie often have clients across the country. Is that the case for ErieMultimedia?

Lucia: Yes! We have clients in several states from Hawaii to New York State, and of course, in cities throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania.  

Radius: How did you connect with somebody in Hawaii?

Lucia: They discovered us on the web and gave us a quick call. We’ve worked with her for a couple years now!

Radius: That’s pretty cool. Well thanks for taking the time to talk. Any parting words?

Lucia: Just that anyone interested in using our services should give us a call. We are eager to grow, so any companies that would like to partner with ErieMultimedia to make Erie more competitive should also reach out to us! Thank you for the interview!